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Valdone & Matt were married on September the 1st at the beautiful Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. We were so excited to document and celebrate with this wonderful couple.  The wedding was awesome. It was full of Jewish & Lithuanian tradition. What a fun group. Matthew & I were honored to be apart of your special day. Here is the story of you wedding day. <3


Anticipating the first look.

I am in total love with this shot.

Picture us approaching a stop sign behind Valdone & Matt. I noticed her laughing in the mirror. I was leaning out my car window for this shot. It Totally worth it haha.

In Lithuanian tradition Matt had to carry Valdone over a bridge.  Pittsburgh, being the city of bridges, it wasn’t too hard to find a bridge. The bridge at the point served perfect for the task.

After running her across the bridge the bridal party and passers by all applauded. It was a great moment. 

A tight shot from Matthew.

Matthew decided to bring along his film camera to take a few photos with it. This great photo is one of those film pictures. 

Signing of the Marriage document.  

I love the photo of Matt’s sister Lauren tearing up. As well as Valdone’s mom looking sweetly at her during the ceremony. 

^Matt’s parents look so proud.


They make crossing the street look cute.I love this film capture of Matthew’s. Its really cool looking. 

I love pink flowers with Navy blue. Such a pretty combo.

The boys carrying Matt. They pretended to drop him a few times. 

The girls wanted to join and hold Valdone as well. It made for a super cute photo!

This tug of war was epic. The bridal party LITERALLY tugged on them to keep them apart. It made for an awesome photo.

These two are just so natural…

A few more film snaps.

The coolest guestbook!!

The night started with a few Lithuanian traditions. Valdone was to peel a few potatoes to show she was ready for married life. The potato being popular in Lithuanian cuisine. She peeled those things so quickly!!! This Lithuanian tradition had everyone laughing. Matt had to carry Valdone over this board, then jumping to break the plate underneath. Each broken piece of the plate symbolized the number of future children they would have……

^…There were 35 pieces!!!! 

We had many toasts during the night. All heartfelt and moving. Just a little highlight here. Also Matt’s father blessed and cut the Challah bread.

Matthew snapped a shot from his film camera during the first dance. I just love the look of film. I miss it sometimes.

One of the first dances of the night was the Hora. For those of you who don’t know the Hora is a super energetic dance.  I so enjoyed it.

To start the dance, everybody forms a circle, holding hands. Then you quickly step forward to the right with the left foot, then follow with the right .

All the dancing is done while holding hands and circling together VERY quickly and cheerfully as you can see from everyones expressions.

Then come the chairs!!!There were also some unique Lithuanian dances as well.

SO. MUCH. FUN… this dance floor was packed all night. What a great group.

I just adore this photo. This couple also signed the marriage document with Valdone & Matt earlier in the day.  Here they are looking on at the end of night festivities.

So much love. I just think this is the sweetest photo. 

Matthew grabbed this cool reflection in the piano. 

We ended our night with a sweet photo under the chuppa. <3

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