Sal & Bella Behind the Scenes 2016

It’s finally here! The post a lot of my followers wait for every year.. BEHIND THE SCENES 2016!! I am sorry for the delay in posting this year, but I promise it’s well worth the wait. Without further ado let’s get to the good stuff.

We had a blast at our first bridal show.


Hard at work!!

Chrissy… aka Miss fix it. Always available to fluff a veil, tie a bustle, or fix hair.

and on occasion steam dresses or shovel snow…

Matthew is always doing what it take to get his shot, including standing on our car.

The first family wedding we celebrated this year was my cousin Keith. He married his sweetheart Samantha. That is our first photo together on the left. (shortly after I was born).  I’d say we are still pretty cute as adults!

2 pregnant sisters getting down. 



Ryan apparently isn’t as enthused as I am right here. Melissa however, she gets my drift. haha 😉

Matthew giving our nephew bunny ears.

Does anyone know why the men look so serious while my sister & I are cracking up??

My friend Jen got married this year. We’ve known each other for 25 years. It was wonderful to share in her special day.

Not a clue what is going on here…. but Jessica & Tim seem to find it amusing.

The I’m Pregnant & it is 90 degrees pose…

Speaking of 90 degrees and pregnant… I sneak away for some ice during a break and Matthew (and a bridesmaid) catch me in the act. No shame in this preggo’s game!!


Uncomfortable lengths we sometimes have to go to tame those veils for a photo.

Sometimes the wind decides to yank the veil right out!

When veils attack????

Photobombed by Nathan! (videographer extraordinaire over at Prodigy Cinema)

Sydney’s face makes this photobomb. hahaha…

Matthew making a better door than a window.

There’s always a little room for some humor.

Matthew & his cousin Blaise had us cracking up!!!! Demonstrating a “loving” pose for Blaise’s wife Kaity.  Still cracks me up looking at these.

Guys “Run Around Sue” was played as I was leaving for the night… I had to join in!

I told him to walk toward me so I could take a test before the bride and groom arrived… he did some kind of walk skip jump hybrid… LOL

While waiting for an engagement session. I was holding the tripod, Matthew told me that with my shawl I looked like Gandolf the Grey… So he decided to recreate it for me..

Ok anyone who knows me knows that I am super bubbly and friendly all the time. Which makes this photo funnier. When I came across this shot in my cousin Alicia’s photos I died laughing. Apparently, I am She-Hulk laying down the law on my cousins in the wedding. Love you guys!!!

Our son Gianni was born August 12, 2016. Gul & Mike celebrated their wedding the next day (they already knew I wasn’t going to be there when they booked. They agreed to have Jorge take my place.) I received this photo in the hospital. 🙂

My first wedding back… only 2.5 weeks later. I was very excited to get out of the house.

Gianni & our daughter Olivia got to come to Blaise & Kaity’s wedding (our family was so happy to meet little Gianni). Olivia snapped the photo of Matthew on the left.. She needs a little practice with her focusing.

Matthew’s lens.. bigger than our sons head… (Little G was pooped from all the partying)

Working Momma. Gotta love the moby wrap.

Gianni also attended my cousin Alicia’s wedding. <3 I wish he was this little again.

La Mia Familia.

Snagged Matthew dancing with his mom (left) and his grandma. He’s so sweet.

Are we in trouble or something?????

Hey Jorge!!

Blue Steel…

Matthew aka the Light Tester.

I apparently look like a deer in the headlights when I am the light test hahaah…

I love his smile. Makes me giddy. I’ll keep him.

Got to hang out with ROC the Pitt Panther this year!

And our friendly neighbor, Mr. Rogers.

What a fun year!!! Until next time. Let’s see what Behind the Scenes action 2017 will have in store for us!

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