Richelle & Daniel [ A Perfect Match. July 7, 2012] Part Two

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Here is the much anticipated Part two to Richelle & Daniel’s Wedding!! Let’s dive right in to all the fun from the 2nd half of the day!:)

Look at these lovely ladies! I loved working with these girls. They were all so sweet and fun.:)


Richelle is such a stunning Bride. She totally glows!
The newlyweds. <3
Look at their connection. Oh I could shoot their photos all day.
When I saw Richelle’s cathedral veil I squealed with joy! Literally, it actually made Richelle laugh.
Gorgeous close up by Matthew.
I am in love with this photo!
This is an awesome shot by Matthew. I love the framing here.
This photo is probably one of our all time faves. This group was made to do this photo! Haha look at their faces.
The handsome groom and his groomsmen.
The Montgomery sisters are quite a catch gentleman. Just see here! Girls you know who to call when your time comes;);)hehe
A close up of Richelle’s beautiful bouquet. And a close up of the new married lady!
A quick kiss from her new hubby.
Shot by Matthew.
A cheer for the Newlyweds.
Matthew took photos of the place cards to correspond with their wedding date. 7/7/12
Look at that cake. So simple yet so beautiful.
Richelle & Daniel had a cute entrance!
The first dance. It was a beautiful moment between the two of them. The shot on the right was taken by Matthew.
Loving the movement here! Look at that dress flowing. Shot by Matthew.
Cake cutting.
Haha. The DJ asked Daniel if he was going to be naughty or nice.  Daniel’s face is priceless.
and then a “Hold on just a second.” from Richelle. hahaha.
But Daniel was a perfect gentleman with the cake.
The bridal party surprised all of us, including Daniel and Richelle. They grabbed Richelle to the dance floor and sang and danced to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”.
It was so cute.
Daniel and his mother shared the absolute sweetest Mother Son dance. They had great classic dance moves.
Father daughter dance. Such special moments.
These are Daniel’s grandparents who won the Anniversary dance. They were married 62 years ago and you can still see the love beaming from their faces. My heart pretty much melted into a puddle from these two.
Just look at them. <3
Getting the party started!!!!!
Ben & Meredith are our couple for this December. I can’t wait for their wedding.
Getting Ready for the Bouquet and Garter.
Ali turning the tables!
6 *
Paul showing off his moves.
This photo makes me LOL. They were showing of their sexy animal selves haha.
Two families merging into one.
And so they live happily ever after….
…the Beginning.
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