Richelle & Daniel [ A Perfect Match. July 7, 2012] Part One

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I have been wanting to post this wedding for a while now but I had to take my time to choose the right photos to tell Richelle & Daniels story. I have to split up this entry into two posts.

Richelle and I went to High School Together. I was a senior her sophomore year. We became good friends during our school’s production of “Once Upon a Mattress”. I can still remember the fun we shared. Some of my happiest high school memories. I wouldn’t trade them.  Ali, Richelle, Lauren, and Veronica (some in the wedding some guests of the wedding) sang goodbye to me at our cast party and totally made me bawl haha.

When I first learned Richelle was engaged I was so happy for her. I hoped and hoped she would call me to shoot her wedding and she did! We were like giddy high school girls our first meeting. We talked about her dress, her photo ideas, other plans and just all things wedding related!  Time flew by from our intial meeting and soon it was about a month before her wedding. I met up with Richelle and Daniel to do their engagement session. This was the first time I met Daniel in person, we had spoken on the phone prior to this. He was such a nice guy. I could tell from the instant we started our session they were so in love. They were the perfect match.

You can view their engagement session post here.

So this brings us to July 7, 2012.

Richelle & Daniel’s wedding day. The ceremony was at St. Stephen’s Church in Sewickley PA. Here are some of my favorite images from the Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony.

Richelle’s Mother and Sister, Emily helped her into her beautiful gown.

Richelle’s friend Tiffani said a quick prayer for her, and I loved when Richelle’s mother place her hand on their arms.

Bridesmaid Brittany’s face was priceless as she saw Richelle coming down the stairs to greet everyone. You can totally tell shes saying “Awe”.

Snapped this candid of one of the girls taking photos with her iPhone.

Emily fixing the shoes. Richelle’s shoes were awesome!

These earrings belonged to Richelle’s grandmother, who passed away. They were so beautiful.

 Atlas is Daniel’s dog. What a little cutie.

Richelle & Emily. Sisters & Forever Friends.

2 sisters becoming 5 sisters!

I absolutely love this photo I caught in between the posed shots of Richelle and her mom. Maria glanced over with such love and pride for her daughter.

A Kiss from Dad.:)

The Girls getting on the bus.

The Beautiful Bridesmaids. Starting from top left:

R1 Emily, Paige,  & Jennifer

R2 Brittany,  Shannon, & Kristie

R3 Katie, Alison, & Ali

Matthew took care of Daniel and his groomsmen getting ready at St. Stephens.

An exchange between Daniel and his father before the ceremony.

Another shot I am absolutely in love with. Richelle particularly picked Daisies in honor of her grandmother who passed. I snapped this photo while the other girls collected their bouquets. Richelle carefully touched the flowers. I’m sure she was thinking of her grandmother here.

The girls had a special message from Richelle to Daniel. It has special meaning to them. Each girl flashed their hand to Daniel as the walked up the aisle. Talking to Daniel later on he said he knew exactly what the message was when her saw the first word “Home” written on his sister Alison’s hand as she showed him on her way up the aisle. So precious.

“Home is whenever I’m with you. Love, Love, &  Love You”

A prayer for Richelle just before the ceremony.

Daniel’s face is so priceless the first time he see’s Richelle coming down the aisle.

Shots by Matthew


A hug from her dad as he gives her away.

Shot on the left by Matthew. So creative.

Richelle & Daniel had some talented singers during their wedding. This is Kori.

The Unity Candle burning.

This is Ali’s mom. She has a beautiful voice. She sang before communion.

These two boys were an absolute trip during the reception. But during the ceremony they sang a great song.

Man & Wife!!!

Stunning silhouette by Matthew.

To Be Continued…

Way more to come in the next few days so keep an eye out!

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