Behind the Scenes 2013

Matthew & I love our job as wedding photographers. Here is a look at us behind the scenes in 2013.

We often snatch photos of each other while working.  Sometimes we use each other to test the lighting, sometimes we jump in each other’s shots without realizing, and sometimes it’s just a funny photo we have to snap.

Hope you enjoy!

I looks like Matthew is using  Jedi mind tricks to wield the veil into staying up…. LOL.


This spring we got to attend a workshop with one of our favorite photographers, Mike Colon. I snapped this photo of Mike & Matthew shooting together.



I often find myself lacing & bustling my brides dresses. I used to work a wedding dress shop so I find this skill most helpful!


Matthew looking snazzy. CMO_0583_Blog

Sometimes the dresses don’t cooperate. CMO_4818_Blog

Matthew wielding his favorite lens. He always looks super sharp.CMO_1290_BlogCMO_0558_Blog

Doing my thing. 🙂


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for a shot.


We are just always enthused to be each other’s lighting test haha.



Matthew is just one of the guys. CMO_9023_Blog

Sometimes the veil needs a little artificial wind. SAL_3020_Blog

This is one of my favorites. I couldn’t resist taking a few ring shots at my sister’s wedding… I did lay a sheet down before getting on the ground in my bridesmaids dress. PBS_0461_BlogCMO_8170_Blog

Hope you enjoyed the peek behind the scenes. Here is to a great year 2014!

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