Ashlee & CJ {Husband & Wife}

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Ashlee & CJ tied the knot May 5th 2012.

When Ashlee told me she was engaged I was ecstatic for her!! I immediately started making plans to shoot her wedding. I mean we had be talking about her getting married since our days working at Sears, before CJ was ever even in the picture haha. I ended up getting pregnant with Eli in july and was due with him April 27, 2012. Ashlee’s wedding was set for May 5, 2012. Only 8 days apart. I had in my mind that my recovery would be as hard as it was with miss Olivia. I was super bummed but told her that if I had the baby and was feeling up to it I would absolutely be there to do her wedding. We chatted throughout the months and it grew closer and closer. Ashlee set up backups incase I couldnt be there.

Fast forward to April 18th when my water broke. On the way to the hospital I excitedly texted Ashlee letting her know I was going to be there for her wedding!!

Both CJ And Ashlee’s mothers told me they were impressed with my dedication, and want to do this for my friend that I would be worried about texting her on my drive up to the hospital. 🙂

So I got my wish to shoot the wedding only two weeks post partum. It was so WORTH IT!! I was so happy to share in her wedding day. Seeing a couple dedicate their hearts to each other is wonderful. Feeling the love there and the excitement is why I love my job.

Brother Byer presided over the ceremony and gave an excellent talk. It was refreshing and up building. His points were applicable not only to CJ and Ashlee, but other married ones like me. Even couples who have been married many years could benefit from his points and the scriptures he shared.

Cj’s father offered the closing prayer after which CJ was able to kiss his beautiful bride!! Look at the joy in CJ’s dad’s face. 

We had a great bridal party.

The word stunning comes to mind here. Ashlee has the most piercing blue eyes! Shot on the right was taken by Matthew. 

Matthew went with the boys to shoot their formal photos together. He did an excellent job.

boys being boys.

Oh yeah we have some comic fans here! LOVE this shot. One of my faves of the group together. 

This next photo is for you Alex!! 🙂 hehehe (Alex is Ashlee’s twin brother) I love that Dave (CJ’s brother) is jumping out from behind them. He’s a trip.

My favorite shot of Ashlee & CJ. GORGEOUS

They pinky promise to be together forever <3

This photo here Matthew caught and I just love it and the story it shares.  These two are CJ’s parents. We walked down this hill to the spot we were using for photos. By the time we were finished CJ’s mother’s heels were bothering her feet and we had to walk back up the hill. So his dad just picked her up and wisked her up the hill so she wouldnt have to walk. What a gentleman, thats love right there. <3

They are just the cutest. And they have some great kids!

On the right again is Cj’s brother Dave and his future Mrs. 🙂

And this is CJ’s younger sister Emily. She looked beautiful in her dress.

Entering as husband and wife, a high five from Dave.

Their first dance together.


I can feel the love here. <3 I could shoot their photos all day!

And last but not least the pièce de résistance. Ashlee really wanted to use sparklers in a photo. So while I covered the reception Matthew went out and found us a spot, and tested his lighting getting everything just right. CJ’s brother dave was on sparkler duty, running around them while we exposed the photo. This was our result. I am in love with this photo. It is absolutely awesome.

Congratulations to the two of you, may your lives together be full of joy and happiness. Thank you for allowing Matthew and I to be apart of your big day!

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