According to Olivia : A behind the scenes look!

Meet our daughter, Olivia. She is about to turn 5. She was so excited to attend our cousin Collin’s wedding this year. She talked about it everyday.  Olivia is the clone of her daddy in every way. She is so smart. She’s also creative like her momma. She got the opportunity to take some photos at the wedding and she actually surprised us with how good the photographs she took were.


Olivia2It took her a bit to get the hang of how to focus the camera.  Olivia12 But she got the hang of things in no time!Olivia11
I loved seeing her perspective. Photographing on her level. A close up of her cousin Rita with whom she stayed with most of the day.Olivia10 She was the perfect little helper, carrying bouquets, water, and our gear!Olivia3Daddy is teaching her well!  Already using the 200mm lens. Olivia4She actually took a pretty cool behind the scenes photo of me! Olivia5I love her little creative eye. I also love that the bridal party totally played along with her and got down to her level to let her photograph while we were photographing the bride and groom.

Olivia8We had such a fun time. She can’t wait for our next family wedding. Which she has requested a camera of her own by then.. I’m thinking we will probably have to surprise her with one!Olivia9Next up on the blog will be the actual wedding!! Stay tuned!

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